What is a totalizer betting on horses?

You have the opportunity in Germany horse race betting to make one of two ways. First, you can against a bookmaker to place a bet. Here we take on other principle – going a little further. When „Tote principle “Do not bet against the bookmaker but against other customers. Anyone betting on the totalizer placed provides, with its bets that horseracing can take place at all.

A certain proportion of the stakes is namely to the respective organizers. For this reason, it is you decide, when to bet or not your exact profit. You have only an estimate, which is taught based on Eventually quote. All bets of each race are added up. The overall result of a certain amount of taxes and the costs of the organizer is deducted. The rest is paid to the different prediction. As a rule, which is at 75% pay out ratio.

If one uses the lottery as an example, can quickly determine that the pay out ratio is there only at 50%. Rule of thumb is to remember this: “The more complex the bet placed, the less competition participants are at the end properly and greater fall in the profit. “

What are Eventualquoten in horseracing?

Before starting, a horse race can be found in the numerous horse betting providers no real odds. You only the respective Eventualquotenare listed. Usually you can find, no matter what betting market you choose, only the victory – Eventualquote of the horse race. This is because the final odds are not yet available at this time. Now let us figure out what is the matter with this Eventualquote is all about.

The Eventualquoten act in the respective horse racing as a guide only. You are the customer determine the direction in which the final betting odds will develop later. Of course, parallels can be seen with other sports. A very low Eventualquote reflects a favourite on the grid again. A very high contrast Eventualquote is a misfit in the starting field. Furthermore, to say that the Eventualquoten in horseracing are highly volatile, i.e. they change before the race strongly.

It plays an important role when you placed your bet. You as a customer should be based on rate changes in different horse betting providers careful. The horse racing bookmaker inform usually always very well based on digital visualizations over rate changes in the respective races . You should thus be possible to change the Eventualquoten understand quickly and easily.

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