Formula 1 betting with Bet365

Sports betting has become in modern times a very popular issue. More and more sports fans give each day bets on various sporting events. The number of bookmakers has grown steadily in recent years. Due to the Internet, these bookmaker like Bet365 have got a huge influx of new customers. In addition to the football are particularly Formula 1 betting at Bet365 at the typists very popular because there are a wide range of betting opportunities on every race.

Large selection of different formula 1 betting at the bookies Bet365.

The number of formula 1 bets to the respective Grand Prix is huge. While no wishes remain open for bettors. Especially owing to the many German drivers in the racing world in our part of course is much more interesting. While there are on average only once every 2 to 3 weeks a race, but these weekends have it then also in itself. In addition to several long-term bets also a whole range of special bets at the bookies Bet365 are offered. So you can tap not only the winner but also on the individual rankings.

Who comes onto the podium? Which drivers create it in the points? How many pilots are ruled out prematurely? Are there penalties? Especially popular are the so-called “Head to Head” bets. Here you judge which driver is at the end of the race before a selected other drivers. Such Formula 1 bets are independent of the outcome of the race. For example bet that Rosberg is ahead of Schumacher and Rosberg in the end is 8 Schumacher and 12, then you have won the bet. But the long-term Formula 1 betting Bet365 are very interesting.

There is no other sport victory and defeat are so close together. For competitive odds, you can not be placed only start of the season Formula 1 betting but also in the rest of the season. As an already serious rate differentials and a driver found with a weak start can then quickly be lifted into the role of favorite.

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